Nik Linder: "The best moments I've ever had in the ocean!"

Nik Linder is on a mission this year. As part of its extensive trip, our Argonautic Bronze is its constant companion over water and underwater. How does the surface of the Argonautic Bronze develop during regular dives with sharks, orcas or contact with salt and freshwater? The first dives with whales, the watch has now left behind as Nik says:

"It's very difficult to dive with  whales, but with a lot of stamina and contacts, you get permission to approach these animals, but if I'm approved, that does not mean that I'm welcome as an apnea diver in the round and careful of these animals and if all conditions are right then they will welcome you in their midst The second day it was time and I spent in the midst of my best moments I've ever had in the ocean - a moment where time stands still seems."

A small impression of this experience you get in the following video:

Currently Nik is traveling in Egypt on new expedition paths. We keep you up to date on our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. Nik Linder can accompany you here on Facebook.

We are looking forward to the next pictures and the development process of our limited edition timepiece.

September 04, 2019 — Call Houston Collaborator