Searching for traces with the DAVOSA Argonautic Bronze Limited Edition

Nik Linder recalls his first scars: "At the age of seven, I climbed the tallest trees, and then I saw the fall from the treehouse, leaving tears, blood, and a small scar on my knee."

Today, at the age of 40, he no longer climbs trees so often, but he still feels the traces left behind by life. "There are a number of touching experiences, especially in and around the water for me, I've never met a free-living elephant, lion or anything like that and I've looked him straight in the eye - and I think I do not want this experience so close. But orcas, dolphins, sharks, humpback whales, mantas, and many more I've come very, very close, leaving a trail, and although these freediving experiences are short, they are considerably more intense". 

This year, together with Nik, we've come up with the idea of bringing our limited edition Argonautic Bronze as a companion throughout the year. Anyway, due to the material, each of the strictly limited watches has its own look and develops its own patina. But how does the surface of the Argonautic Bronze develop during regular dives with sharks, orcas or contact with salt and freshwater? All this will be exciting to watch in the coming months, which will be for Nik Linder, the most intense travel time of his previous diving life.

The itinerary includes the following destinations: Mauritius, Egypt, Egypt, Croatia, Madeira, Egypt, French Polynesia, Turkey, Italy, Bahamas. Interaction with whales, dolphins, sharks, mantas and more.

The first dives in indoor swimming pools and local waters have already left the clock behind and passed them almost without any traces, as can be seen in this picture:

Now she is on the way for the great journey that we and Nik are accompanying for you and keeping you up to date on our social media channels onFacebook and Instagram. Nik Linder can accompany you here on Facebook.

We are looking forward to the next pictures and the development process of our coveted limited-edition timepiece.

September 04, 2019 — Call Houston Collaborator

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