The Walensee Apnea Festival 2018

For the fifth time, the popular Apnea Festival was hosted in Walensee, Switzerland. Meanwhile, it is one of the largest apnea festivals in Europe. With 30 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the festival was fully booked again this year.

In various workshops of the well-known freediving athletes and instructors from Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland and Germany, the participants learned the necessary techniques to dive into the depths of the "Walensee" (lake) without any breathing apparatus.

At the traditional deep-diving competition, which had to be performed with a darkened mask, the winner, Urs Vugoditis, was delighted to receive the first prize - an exclusive DAVOSA Apnea Diver timepiece.

(Text: Nik Linder)

September 04, 2019 — Call Houston Collaborator

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