Walensee Apnea Festival with Nik Linder and DAVOSA

"From the 06.-07.th of August again Freedivers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland were taking part in the third Walensee Apnea Festival in Switzerland.This festival became popular for the last three years and this time it was completely sold out.

The divers were able to take part in different workshops such as mono fin freediving, no fins freediving, yoga and pranayama. The open and frank atmosphere in the middle of the swiss mountains and the ability to chat with world class trainers like Antonio Kodermann ( slowenia ), Nik Linder ( Germany ), Rene Trost and Silvio Haldi ( both Switzerland ), were very appreciated.

DAVOSA is one of the Main Sponsors of this Event from the start and the winner of the Deepdiving competition was happy to receive a DAVOSA Argonautic Automatic watch for his dive down to the deep of the Walensee. " Nik Linder.


July 11, 2019 — Call Houston Collaborator

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