The purpose of this post is to simplify and give you a better understanding of how our pre-order deals work.

What is pre-order?

Pre-order is an order placed to assure for you an item that soon will be available on the market. Since finished items are out of stock and not available yet when we create “Sold Out” labeled product page, please be aware that “Sold Out” products may have a slight difference on delivery time and by the return policy terms.

Why pre-order?

In general, “sold out” products under pre-order will be the hottest and most popular ones on the market. Demand for them usually exceeds supply at the first beginning. Pre-order way ensures you get the product almost the same time we do with additional huge benefit of a special discount of the original price! (Please contact for discount details)

How to find pre-order items?

Just Click on one of the “Sold Out” items on our website, you will get into the product page and keep on to check out process and use the discount code: “Pre-order”.

Availability of pre-order items?

Estimated time of arrival is not always secured when it comes to pre-order items. Factory may encounter all kinds of problems during development and production. But we promise that we will update the ETA on “Notice” area of product page timely if available.

How is pre-order shipped?

For pre-order items, shipment is arranged based on payment sequence and inventory availability. That is, first paid and the item will be shipped to you ASAP. The soonest will be two weeks and the maximum might be 4 weeks tops.

Is pre-order change possible?

Generally, we do not accept changes of the pre-order items.

More questions?

If you have further question on pre-order, please contact us in
We will do our best to help. Also any advice or thought is greatly appreciated.

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