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Grat watch have the same materials as the rolex batman except for the mechanical movement

Timothy E.
Amazing watch Truly

Like the title says, this watch is beautiful and amazing. There are not a lot of YouTube vids or anything in english for the watch so I figured all the more couldn't hurt. Let's start with I will be purchasing another one of Davosa's watches. I wanted a watch that looked similar to but still have it's great differences from the original Batman watch. This watch has beautiful hands that have great lum the blue for the GMT hand and ceramic bezel are a great deep blue. The watch has a great weight to it as well. The bezel is tight but is a very smooth and clicky movement wonderful. The crown is nice and fat and fits the case we'll does t poke out to far and pops out after it's unscrewed so you'll have more room to work the individual complications and wind The watch. The bracelet is vary comfortable I have the pentalink 5 and the original sports bracelet both of them are great.
I'm no watch expert just a dude that enjoys some beautiful time pieces. Hopefully this will help your decision. Oh I also purchased this watch from the davosa-usa website.

Excellent watch

This is a awesome watch. Looks great and keeps great time. Excellent customer service as well. If you’re looking for a great watch look no further.

R Ludwig
REF16157145 { Batman}

I love watches and own a few vintage timepieces. I have been trying to get a Rolex GMT [ Batman} for over two years from my local Rolex AD. It should be noted, over the years I have spent a considerable amount of money at this jeweler to no avail and refuse to go on grey market. I discovered this watch brand on Youtube and saw this Davos Batman, and after watching several videos and reviews I said why not? This watch is beautiful. I am completely satisfied. Took it to get the bracelet sized and the watchmaker was impressed. Actually said he had to look at the name because at first glance thought it was a Rolex. No its not a Rolex, but it saved me $10,000.00. As a matter of fact i purchased another Davos Chrono Speedline Quartz while i wait on a list for my Rolex Daytona. Fat chance. In summary, i am impressed with this brand and their line of watches. Will probably buy more in the future.

What a great watch!

Received this watch for Christmas 2019 and it's simply great watch. From the weight, size , finish, to the time keeping it's a solid 5 stars. It's such a good watch in its own right, you will not even think to compare to any other watch or brand. Thanks Davosa!