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Argonautic bg 300m diver gray automatic

$799.00 $499.00

The Argonautic collection has always been an essential part of DAVOSA's diver's watch portfolio. Just like Jason, the legendary Captain of the Argonauts, they are safe and reliable partners on dives that take you right down to 30 ATM and back to the surface again.

Apnea Diver - Special Collection

The blue, white and red colors spread out over a certain number of seconds replicate an internationally recognized breathing exercise in freediving: Breathing in during the five-second blue phase, holding for the 15-second white area and then exhaling over the 10-second red area. This color coding allows the freediver to concentrate fully on his or her breathing without needing to count or use a stopwatch.

Video reviews

1 / 10


"It has a really solid presence on the wrist"

"There is always something visually interesting to see"

2 / 10


"A higher end watch"

"This is the best crystal we have looked at"

3 / 10


"That's a nice and secure fit"

"This one is done well"

4 / 10


"The bezel rotation is very nice"

"Its tested, its tried, there are no problem whatsoever with this movement in my book"

5 / 10


"It manages to be just different enough"

"They got the detailing really really right"

6 / 10


"It has a dive extension, ever so discretely hidden"

"it's very clean and simply, Davosa, Swiss made"

7 / 10


"I love the yellow accent"

"Really nice respective movement"

8 / 10


"The bezle action sounds really tight"

"The reliability of and accuracy of the Quartz, its nice to have options like this"

9 / 10


"This is very much its own unique style"

"Its a nice aesthetic"

10 / 10


"I really like this watch a lot"

"The polished hands and hour markers are done in the right way"