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Argonautic bronze tt 300m diver 42mm automatic

$899.00 $699.00

The DAVOSA Argonautic TT shows at first glance that it connects the worlds: the worlds of land and water; of those who dive and those who go ashore; of tradition and innovation, or also the worlds of elegant accessories and precise tools.

Apnea Diver - Special Collection

The blue, white and red colors spread out over a certain number of seconds replicate an internationally recognized breathing exercise in freediving: Breathing in during the five-second blue phase, holding for the 15-second white area and then exhaling over the 10-second red area. This color coding allows the freediver to concentrate fully on his or her breathing without needing to count or use a stopwatch.

Video reviews

1 / 10


"It has a really solid presence on the wrist"

"There is always something visually interesting to see"

2 / 10


"A higher end watch"

"This is the best crystal we have looked at"

3 / 10


"That's a nice and secure fit"

"This one is done well"

4 / 10


"The bezel rotation is very nice"

"Its tested, its tried, there are no problem whatsoever with this movement in my book"

5 / 10


"It manages to be just different enough"

"They got the detailing really really right"

6 / 10


"It has a dive extension, ever so discretely hidden"

"it's very clean and simply, Davosa, Swiss made"

7 / 10


"I love the yellow accent"

"Really nice respective movement"

8 / 10


"The bezle action sounds really tight"

"The reliability of and accuracy of the Quartz, its nice to have options like this"

9 / 10


"This is very much its own unique style"

"Its a nice aesthetic"

10 / 10


"I really like this watch a lot"

"The polished hands and hour markers are done in the right way"