6 Reasons Why Every Man Should Wear a Watch
  1. A watch is not just about telling time, but about maintaining a relationship with time. Watches tell time very conveniently. Certainly better than using sundials or observing shadow lengths.
  1. Power-wise, they are way more trusty and reliable too. An automatic watch runs almost throughout since it derives its power from the wearer. A battery-powered watch can function for years before a replacement is needed. If you visit a remote place and your phone runs out of juice, however, you'll find yourself in a fix.
  1. There's no better way for a man to display their sense of fashion than wearing a watch. Men's wedding bands are required to be as simple and plain as possible. Suits and cufflinks can be quite similar from one man to the next. Black leather shoes are the office standard. But a quality watch is unique to the wearer. It is their signature style. Your chance to show what kind of a man you are.
  1. Watches signify ingenuity and creativity. They have been used since before there was electricity to date. The making of a quality watch requires a craftsman to dedicate his mind to a design for as many as 8 months. Concentration. Watches showcase fantastic tech that is not mass-produced in factories but crafted by hand. Each design is a human story.
  1. Watches make for fantastic heirlooms. A man can wear his late grandfather's 1920s watch and be able to feel his presence every day. A few years later, he can pass it to his own son. Not many other devices have the same kind of feel as heirlooms.
  2. Wearing a watch is way classier than having to fish your phone out of the pocket all the time. Then putting the screen on. Then adjusting the brightness setting if it's outside in the daytime. Then noticing some new social media notifications and emails and getting roped into the vicious cycle of commenting, tweeting, poking and liking. When checking time on a watch, they're no distractions. It's one simple glance at your wrist you're up to date. It's healthier for both the mind and body. Plus, it's about maturity. Let the boys keep groping around for their smartphones. Get a watch that complements your fashion and be a man.
September 06, 2018 — Call Houston Collaborator

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