What Your Watch Says About Your Personality

“Show me your watch and I'll tell you where you're from.” While many view it as an exaggerated and overused marketing line, it is bang on the money in many ways. It might even be an understatement.

Because while men are generally not big on jewelry, a watch is an item you’ll find on the wrist of almost every man regardless of occupation, race or age. You have to wear it practically all day, everyday. As such, your watch is not just how you to tell the time but an extension of yourself. It reflects a man’s likes, dislikes and his general attitude towards life.

Here’s what your watch says about your personality:

Military Watch - for the Manly Man

It’s simple - if you wear a tough watch, people will take you for a tough guy. You don’t even have to be a blue-collar worker or craftsman. You could be a regular, white-collar guy engaged in a regular 8-5 accounting, teaching, advertising or banking job.

The only difference is that you are more resilient, determined and more of a risk taker and a competitor than most of your peers. You’re rugged. You don’t carry hand moisturizer. You don’t call anyone to fix simple plumbing and electrical faults. You’re handy - a fixer. And when it comes to physical, outdoor activities, you’re the champ.  

Character-wise, you’re trustworthy and authentic. You tell it straight. A guy’s guy.

Such a strong personality is only matched by an equally sturdy watch. A trusty timepiece that, wherever possible, sacrifices ostentatious, aesthetic features for a masculine, practical look and feel. Military watches are the true epitome of this.

They are water, magnetic and scratch-resistant and will sometimes have utilitarian extras like map navigation and pathfinding assistance.

Davosa Military Automatic Watch


The straps are water-protected (hydrophobic) and very durable as well. If it’s a NATO strap, it will be made from tough nylon with a laser-welded steel tang buckle. The other option is a quality, hand-sewn leather strap with zero rough edges and frills.

Pilot Watch - for the Thrill Seeker

If you don a pilot watch that means you’re likely a thrill seeker. Planes and air travel will be an obvious attraction but that’s not all. You’ll probably also spend every other weekend dabbling with air ballooning, skydiving, parachutes, wingsuits and paragliders.

Even if you aren’t doing these on a regular basis, you likely wish you could, but are constrained by tight work schedules or other commitments. But, if you had your way, you’d likely spend more time in the air than on the ground.

A psychologist would tell you that your dopamine levels are slightly over the top. That your propensity for flirting with danger is a consequence of unhealthy peer pressure or questionable upbringing. For you, though, common pastimes bore too easily, and life’s too short to amble along without constantly seeking out the new and the unexpected.

You’re also likely to be a big fan of shearling jackets. And though you’d not admit it to anyone, you often fantasize about landing the plane on a flight whose pilot was incapacitated by a heart attack.

Davosa Neoteric Pilot Automatic Watch

Neoteric Pilot

A pilot watch makes for an excellent companion for a man of this ilk. Such a timepiece features a sleek, highly functional design and usually a large, elaborate, easy-to-read dial. Some modern pilot pieces also boast a myriad of navigation features like compasses, flight timers and altimeters.

Diver’s Watch - for the Modern All-Rounder

Diving watches are some of the most beautiful sports watches of the last two decades. Men who favor diving watches are both sophisticated and practical. They can be rugged and James-Bond-smooth at the same time. They can dress up in an expensive designer suit for an investors meeting or dress down in tropical beachwear for a trip to the Maldives.

They usually have an affinity for marine life but not always. They can be partial to deep sea adventures or only read about it in scuba diving magazines.

That’s because, of course, a lot of those who wear these diving timepieces are not really divers. Most have courageously plunged to the bottom of their hotel swimming pool and they enthusiastically narrate this ‘heroic’ experience to their friends at work. A few have framed pics from a one-off, deep-sea treasure-hunting trip with the boys.

Fewer still are actual, professional divers. They dive into the belly of the ocean for a variety of reasons, ranging from sport to hyperbolic welding. They are well-schooled in dealing with decompression sickness and can navigate as deep as 2000 ft.

If you wear a diving watch, you could be any of these characters. That means you’re versatile and compatible with most crowds. It is also easy for you to make friends because of your high tolerance levels and because people are drawn to the air of intrigue surrounding you.

Davosa Ternos PRO - Limited Edition

Divers Watch

Classic Watch - for the Minimalist Man

The minimalist man does not like clutter. He maintains a consistent style that is sharp and fuss-free. He is a man of impeccable taste, and he wears the exact right type of attire for the exact right occasion. The only problem is he prefers a suit for most occasions.

That suit is meticulously selected from a collection full of muted-colour palettes and clean designs. Most of them are black and white and, being custom-tailored, fit him exactly right.

On an off-day he might consider a brown suit, but he will match it with tan shoes and an understated, brown strap for his watch.

Now the wrist piece is where he pays most attention. Never ever will he be caught with a flamboyant, over-the-top watch. Instead he prefers the smooth, clean lines of a classic timepiece. A watch that usually features just the basic time-telling essentials of hours, minutes, seconds, and date, laid out in a tasteful, artistic way. No complicated dials.

Davosa Flatline Quartz Classic Watch
Classic Flatline

He's exasperated whenever people mistake his minimalist timepiece as "simple" or cheap, and this happens agonizingly often. Because, while the design is simple, it is so inventive that the result is a one-of-a-kind timepiece with an alluring, timeless appeal.


Nevertheless, it is easy to forgive their ignorance because they are not connoisseurs of fashion like he is. But most of all because he is, in all ways, a gentleman.

August 13, 2018 — Gil Tamam

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